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Vision with Execution

projecting tradition to the future

enhanced shipping, trade & finance brokerage

harmonized with the swiftly evolving markets

via strong cross-industry relationships

and sophisticated innovative solutions

Our raison d’être

We are a team of well-experienced professionals deeply passionate about international shipping, trade and development.

The founders bring solid professional track record in Newbuildings, Sale & Purchase, Projects, Finance and Trade deals; academic background in world-leading universities; cross-industry, global intelligence and network; and exceptional commercial, technical and negotiation skills.

We share common values at work such as devotion to excellence, uncompromising ethics, and dedication to teamwork and creativity.

We genuinely care for the society, the shipping industry, our clients and each other.

We hereby actualize our vision to create a modern, entrepreneurial ship brokerage firm, a motivated and meritocratic organization, which will deliver augmented, interdisciplinary, value-added ship brokerage services. We aspire to provide innovative capital and deal-flow brokerage solutions toward efficient, sustainable, profitable shipping ventures which will result in market-leading returns to our clients.

Our motto is: “Vision with Execution”.

We look forward to your support to Xclusiv Shipbrokers Inc. committing that Xclusiv will reciprocate and will remain dedicated to embracing positive change to our industry.

Who we are

Xclusiv takes pride in the talent and skills of its team.

We are an eclectic team of professionals with proven professional track record, best-of-class academic background, exceptional skills, global network, long-lasting business and forward-looking outlook.

Our core Newbuildings/S&P department is staffed with experienced individuals who previously held directorship positions in other ship brokerage firms. We have concluded newbuilding contracting at shipyards in Japan, S. Korea and China, while we also enjoy a long reference list of S&P deals with reputable clientele from across the globe. In addition, the team has substantial work experience in retrofitting/upgrading brokerage services. Certain founding partners also have a strong track record in M&A and money markets having participated in over 70 M&As and raised well over $1 billion of capital in their careers. The niche expertise of our team includes Valuations, R&D, Investor Relations, trading, finance, and managerial positions including President/CEO positions in companies with over €50million turnover. Apart from strong commercial background and expertise, the majority of the team has deep technical background having worked for technical consultancies and classification societies.

All founding members are educated (with a Master’s degree at a minimum including a PhD) at world-leading universities such as Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Wharton, NTUA, UCL, Buckingham, Cass, Southampton, U of Athens. The team holds degrees in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Shipping Trade & Finance, Supply Chain Management, Management Science, etc.

We prioritize ethos, passion, empathy, quick thinking, cross cultural communication, negotiation and leadership skills. We are able to resolve complex problems and create advanced solutions to our clients’ requirements.

The founding team having lived/worked in over 10 countries and having concluded business in several additional countries enjoys a truly global network. This network is augmented by a number of strategic partnerships in the United States and the Far East.

The team includes the President of the Hellenic Shipbroking Association, one of the world’s largest communities in our profession. Moreover, the founding team includes and extends the heritage of one of the oldest-established, multi-generational shipbroking firms, one acting continuously in shipbroking since 1893. We aspire to surround this legacy with a coherent team of progressive thinking and outstanding professionals.


Our Assets Division, the cornerstone of our organization, is well qualified with its core founding members having previously served as Directors of Newbuildings / Sale & Purchase desks. The Assets team is comprised of exceptionally educated professionals who have concluded a far-reaching number of Sale and Purchase transactions across all segments and geographies of the shipping industry.  

This is a dynamic, swiftly-evolving field of business requiring accurate and up-to-date information, strong understanding of the market and its dynamics along with the idiosyncrasies of each deal. Moreover, within the Assets team we have developed an in-depth understanding and benchmarking of the underlying assets, i.e., the Vessels, both from a commercial and technical standpoint, in order to provide you with a complete service.  

We have established an international network of long-lasting business relationships with reputable principals around the world, strategic partners and business associates, developed and cemented on mutual trust and our definite determination and ability to create value.

We constantly travel around the globe and enjoy close business relationships with major, world-class shipbuilders and trading houses in Japan, S. Korea, China  and Europe where our Newbuildings / Projects team has previously contracted and successfully delivered quality new building Vessels to reputable international principals. We provide accurate, updated and complete guidance to our clients all along the Project’s process. These services include the selection, benchmarking and optimization of ship designs; the negotiating and securing of the finest and most scarce newbuilding slots; and our clients’ full support from the initial stages of structuring a shipbuilding contract and enhancement of the specifications (even with no extra cost items) all the way through construction and up to (and after) the successful delivery of the Project.

In addition, we have developed in-house techno-economical solutions for the retrofitting, upgrading of Vessels in operation in light of the latest regulatory and commercial requirements.

The finance department has strong track record in the Mergers & Acquisitions and money markets having participated in over 70 M&As and raised well over $1 billion of capital in their careers. We have a growing network across asset-backed financiers, leasing houses, investment banks, funds, family offices, etc. Thus, we can assist with providing access to financing solutions that are tailor-made to our clients’ needs. Our experts will listen, comprehend and respond to the case-specific requirements of your business and guide you towards a pragmatic solution for either new projects or your existing fleet.

Our trade experts have concluded a significant number of trade transactions related to the shipping industry around the globe. These deals principally regard the underlying bulk dry or wet or containerized commodities that are carried via international shipping. We can assist both in the actual facilitation in the buying and selling of such commodities as well as the transportation and the financing of such trades.

All of our abovementioned services are blended with market intelligence in order to optimally serve our customers, but we also serve as an ad-hoc research consultancy to your specific enquiries. Several of our founding partners have significant track record in R&D having conducted research in academia, leading multinational corporations and having published their works in peer-reviewed journals and prestigious international conferences. Highly-cited previous research of our team members regards marine decision making under uncertainly including the timing of shipping investments, buy-low-sell-high strategies, etc.

The team founders also have solid experience on Valuations having led for several years Valuations departments and having been early entrants in Valuations-related consultancy services in the Greek shipping market.




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Key Contacts

Apostolos Archontakis, Assets,

Cell: + 30 694 597 8837, Email: [email protected]

Andreas Arfariotis, Assets,

Cell: + 30 694 566 2874, Email: [email protected]

Stathis Arfariotis, Assets,

Cell: + 30 694 763 2959, Email: [email protected]

John N. Cotzias, Projects & Finance,

Cell: + 30 694 533 3718, Email: [email protected]

George Dimitriou, Assets,

Cell: + 30 6941 545 508, Email: [email protected]

Alexandros Koutalianos, Projects & Trade,

Cell: + 30 697 438 0505, Email: [email protected]

Yannis Olziersky, Assets,

Cell: + 30 694 454 7544, Email: [email protected]

Panagiotis Tsilingiris, Assets & Finance,

Cell: + 30 695 845 1427, Email: [email protected]

Xclusiv Shipbrokers Inc.

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